Spiderphone SalesReach© Details

Service Summary

  • SalesReach requires no special equipment. Start using it today.
  • All SalesReach users get fully-functional Spiderphone conferencing accounts that can be used for your everyday teleconferencing needs, sales seminars, training sessions, and more. For more information about Spiderphone's teleconferencing and web collaboration tools, click here.
  • Special pricing for salesforce users, including a $100 introductory credit.
    • 10 cents per minute per line
    • No additional charge for all web collaboration features, except desktop sharing
    • Desktop sharing is an additional 16 cents per minute per participant
    • No charge for recording a call
    • Playback of recorded calls is 10 cents per minute
    • Pay only for what you use - no minimums or monthly fees

How SalesReach Works

  • Call Lead and Call Contact web links are added to the Leads and Contacts pages.
  • When viewing a lead or contact, clicking on the call link will start a conference call by immediately dialing your phone number. The phone number called is obtained from your user record in salesforce.
  • Once you pickup the phone, you will be shown Spiderphone's call control page. The contact or lead to be dialed will be displayed. Clicking dial will add the lead or contact to the call.
  • When the contact or lead is dialed, a call record is automatically added to the contact or lead's record in salesforce
  • After the call ends, the call record will be opened and you can add any details about the call.

Sign Up Process

  • Login using your salesforce credentials. You will need to login using an account with System Administrator permissions in order for us to add SalesReach to your salesforce account. If you do not have System Administrator priviliges, call us at 877-877-1585 so that we can set you up manually.
  • We will retreive the list of users you have registered with salesforce so that you can choose who to give SalesReach to.
  • We will add two web links - one to the leads tab, and one to the contacts tab. Note that we cannot, at this time, add them to your page layouts, so you will need to do that manually. We will step you through that process.
Click here to start the process.