Spiderphone Online Meetings

Spiderphone offers the thing every online meeting user needs more than anything else: flexibility at competitive pricing. Whether it's domestic or international, reservation-less or large scale web events, Spiderphone's unique patented technology will cater to your every meeting need as no other service can.


Lecture Style Meetings With Audience

Schedule lecture style meetings right on the web. Simply select "Panel Discussion with Audience" as the meeting mode, and you will automatically receive special codes for panelists and audience members. During the meeting, take advantage of our easy to use Q&A queue to conduct an effective and dynamic Q&A session.


No Reservation Ever Needed. Period.

Spiderphone keeps you in control by letting you start multiple simultaneous meetings – no other service will let you do that! Simply use your pin to start a new meeting or jump into an existing one, and have others use your access code to join in. And reservations are always available via our easy to use web reservation systems.


Recording and Transcription

Don't waste your time taking meeting notes! Spiderphone recording and transcription features are the best in the industry. Our unique "play recording into meeting" feature even lets you analyze a previous call. Imagine reviewing a perfect sales pitch with your sales team, or going over a disputed requirement from last week's staff meeting.


Ticketed Events

Spiderphone's ticketed events offer you a straightforward way to ensure that only those that signed up with you can attend the meeting.
And at the end of the meeting, the participant list will detail the attendees and how long they stayed on!


Flexible Invites

Want the convenience of having the same code for a weekly team meeting? Want the security of difference codes for meetings with external vendors? With us, you can use the same code for some meetings, and unique codes for others.


Enhanced Meetings

Share files and URLs with call participats, synchornize PPT presentations, send private chat messages, play sounds or previous recordings into the meeting, and much more!